I am a church planter in North Carolina and have benefitted tremendously from Bev’s ministry. She has visited our church several times over the last few years, and we have benefited every time whether it was to do a conference, work with our key leaders, or provide personal perspective, guidance and mentoring to me.

Beyond my own personal gain, Bev has been able to guide and mentor many of our people. She has an unsurpassed ability to help people identify their calling and connect to it. Time after time, Bev has worked with people that were marginally involved in our ministry or sitting on the sidelines. It’s rare that they don’t jump into the game and make significant contributions to our church after time with Bev.

Bottom line is that I am a better leader and we are a better church because of Bev Murrill.

Jeffrey Watson
Senior Pastor
Ardent Faith Church
Cornelius NC 28031