Guide and mentor

I consider it a real privilege to have known Bev Murrill for the past 15 years. In that time I have witnessed first hand the dynamic way Bev leads and have personally been captivated by her ability to inspire and encourage people. Through her teaching and clear grasp of leadership Bev has been key in raising up many leaders not just in a church context but also the business world and I have seen first hand how these leaders have flourished under Bev’s guidance and mentoring. With a clear gift of communication I have heard Bev speak many times and have been enriched as she has spoken eloquently on a whole range of topics. I have listened intently as she skillfully breaks down topics and teaches in a way for all to understand that leaves the listener empowered and inspired.”

Personally, my life has been enriched having Bev Murrill around to speak truth and wisdom for which I’m eternally gratefull. Bev has guided and mentored me in public speaking and has always challenged me to not settle for being comfortable but to keep aiming for what God has for my life. I say with complete certainty and confidence that Bev would be one of the first people I called when it comes to leadership, inspiring people and teams. Something I love dearly about Bev is she always looks for the best in people and is a leader you find yourself wanting to follow and serve with everything you have.

Stu Alleway
CGC Community Pastor
Director of Community Projects (Community Works Social Enterprise)
Chaplain to Southend United FC