Having known Bev Murrill personally for over twenty years now it is an absolute privilege to endorse her leadership consultancy. Her keen insight and understanding of people, as well as her veteran leadership experience, has made her both an outstanding communicator and a skilful consultant.

Bev holds a Masters in Global Leadership and has over thirty years of proven leadership behind her. Together with her husband Rick they have established growing, thriving churches both in Australia and Internationally. Her leadership skills are exemplified by the fact that she and Rick have established and led a burgeoning church movement across Europe, as well as an international NGO.

Bev is an accomplished author and acclaimed international speaker with a wealth of experience that goes way beyond her academic credibility. She is people person with one of the keenest and most insightful understandings of leadership that I have ever encountered. In fact she is the BEST!

Having benefitted personally many times from her advice, counsel and insight, I whole heartedly endorse her consultancy. I am sure that I join with many thousands that have benefited from her leadership and communication skills to commend Bev Murrill’s leadership consultancy to you.

David Palmer
Senior Pastor
Believe Church
Qld, Australia