I haven’t picked an easy career. Being a church minister is a demanding job, managing paid and volunteer staff, speaking, and making theology practically applicable.

I work in a male dominated environment and even though most of the guys I work with are lovely, they have no idea about the issues I face or how to help me to navigate my way through.

That’s why I chose Bev as my mentor. She has trained me in the diverse range of skills sets I need to do this job, whether that be public speaking, team or leadership training, initiating ministries, or launching into church planting.

Bev’s Masters in Global Leadership couples with years of working in ministry to qualify her as a mentor and trainer. As yet, there hasn’t been an issue I have faced that she hasn’t been able to identify with. Her experience of working in different cultures is invaluable to me as I work in an increasingly multicultural society in my own job.

My job is difficult enough and I really appreciate that I don’t have to do this alone

Julie Gardiner
Senior Leader
Christie’s Beach Baptist Church