Bev changed the course of our lives for the better

Bev Murrill is responsible for completely changing the course of our lives for the better. We would not be where we are today without the input we have received from her. She is not only a first class leader in her own right, she is also an outstanding leader of leaders, her mentoring and advice have saved us from many potential pitfalls in our own leadership areas.

Bev is a woman with incredible wisdom and discernment. It is these skills, combined with vast experience, that have made her our first port of call when requiring assistance of any kind within our leadership roles. For anyone needing help and honest advice to turnaround their church, to overcome obstacles, or to simply develop their leadership abilities further, there is nobody better to call upon than Bev Murrill.

Dave & Lizzi Baskeyfield
Pastors of Wellspring CGC