It is no exaggeration when I say that my life has been transformed through the ministry of Bev Murrill.

On a personal level she has been a significant mentor. She has had the ability to quickly ascertain areas requiring attention in my character and ministry but she addresses them in such a way that has always left me feeling strengthened and built up rather than attacked or discouraged. She has the unique capacity to be both a coach and spiritual director.

Her ability to so quickly discern the root problem to any issue also makes her the first port of call for me on a ministry level too. The advice I have received from both her practical and academic knowledge base has proved invaluable in areas such as conflict resolution, vision, team management, and spiritual direction.

One of attributes that I admire most in Bev is her enthusiasm for change. Many people avoid change, recognising that is rarely easy and never comfortable. Not so for Bev. She constantly evaluates styles, trends, new ideas and concepts, which she readily applies to her own life before recommending to others. It is her priority to stay relevant. She has a passion to learn and engages with a wide variety of fields of expertise from business, to theologians and has at her core the desire to be a life long learner.

Bev has regularly demonstrated her willingness to build platforms for others, releasing them into greater opportunities than they might otherwise be expected to have and I so appreciate her natural way of not only encouraging people but championing them too.

Daniel Gardiner
Senior Leader
Christies Beach Baptist Church
Adelaide South Australia