With thanks to the Murrills

I first met Bev and her husband Rick in 1994 when my wife and I were leading a church and looking for apostolic input. We needed an injection of wisdom and also the security of a guiding hand, as we tried to negotiate the white water rapids of leading an independent church. The circumstances of the encounter were clearly organised by God. and on the high tide of desperation and enthusiasm, my wife and I were astounded at how He led us to this couple.

So began a friendship of nearly 20 years standing, which has seen us through the many ups and downs of leading a pioneering church during this period. We all have some long-lasting friendships which we know are God-given, and we all glean wisdom from other leaders who are further down the track. But Bev and her husband have brought something beyond that to us – and to countless others.

They have an uncanny ability to do 3 related things : spot the call to leadership in the most unlikely men and women; enter a mentoring relationship with them which often brings healing as it releases the calling; and continue the relationship in such a way that the younger partners themselves learn to repeat the cycle with new people.

This is the apostolic gift at its best. In Rick it comes with a fatherly security, a firm challenge and an insistence on persistence. In Bev, the apostolic gift comes with a motherly love of great depth, alongside an extremely strong Bible-teaching gift and an uncompromising ability to bring the word of the Lord, however uncomfortable.

Through the empowerment they bring, our friends Rick and Bev have launched many church planters, adopted several churches, created a leadership school, created a successful national magazine and impacted the lives of over a thousand people in the CGi churches, plus many more in other churches through conferences and personal mentoring.

May I also say that Bev is not a ‘leader’s wife’. She is a woman who has found herself a leader to men and women without the need to push herself forward. God has done that for her as she has ministered in many nations, denominations and contexts with a deep grasp of the Word of God.

Without the Murrills, our church, our family and we ourselves would never have risen so well to the challenge of embracing our destiny as leaders.

Andy Fraser
Christian Growth Centre Orkney
Scotland, UK