I have had the pleasure to work for Bev from 2008 to 2011 as her P.A.
During this time I have learnt so much; not only is she a good teacher but she puts into practice what she teaches.

Bev is not only an amazing leader but has a genuine heart for people in leadership. Most of her time is spent mentoring and empowering leaders to be the best they could be.

Bev has very good communication skills and is able to clearly share her vision so that the whole team works towards the same goals.

Bev is well motivated and brings enthusiasm into any situation.

I found Bev to be very respectful towards me and listened to me when I shared my opinion with her.

Bev has very good pioneering skills and has helped me to be motivated in my own life. Often I have seen her take on tasks and situations that seemed impossible. She not only deals well with pressure but is also able to guide a team through the scenario too. One of the big lessons I learnt from Bev is when you walk forward in faith you face many impossible situations and it can look like you are walking into a deadend, but you need to keep walking forward with endurance and breakthrough will come. She is very couragous in her leadership.

I found Bev works with a very positive attitude which has had an effect on my own life. She taught and helped me to see the potential I have even though I couldn’t see it for myself. I found her very encouraging and passionate to draw out my leadership skills.

In the last 2 years I have helped set up and manage an Emergency Food Project and Furniture Re-use Centre with approximately 30 staff and volunteers. This requires me to connect in with Local Councils, Social Services and many different supporting agencies. I am also a Key Leader in a church.

The input that Bev has had in our time together has been invaluable to this season of leadership where I find myself now!

Janet Fox
Hopeworx Centre Manager