Bev is a gifted preacher and teacher with an apostolic ministry for whom transparency in relationship is a strong value.

Having both planted churches and turned existing churches around, Bev speaks from a position of strength and experience and has much to offer leaders who are dealing with challenging situations.

Consistently over the last 15 or more years Bev’s spiritual insight has brought practical advice and guidance to me both in planting a new church and turning around an existing church that had lost its direction.

Bev is prepared to take risks, knowing that faith is spelled R I S K and has been a real encouragement to help me step out in faith in so many areas, both in my personal life and as a church leader.

Bev sees beyond the obvious and encourages you to look at situations from a new perspective. When Bev is on to something you have to listen.

Trevor Harrington
Senior Pastor
Great Barton Free Church
Suffolk UK