Bev speaking at Kyria eventA speaker who challenges the Church to push beyond the comfort zone, Bev’s prophetic teaching ministry incites the Church to rise and take their place as shapers of society. She lives in the passionate conviction that Christians are seeded into their cultures in order to carry the Kingdom of Heaven into their spheres of influence.

Bev Murrill is an insightful communicator whose call is to work with leaders and emerging leaders internationally. Her leadership gifting, combined with over 30 years of experience leading churches and mentoring leaders, streams effectively into her mandate to see people raised up, equipped and released to lead in multiple ways in their own nations and internationally.

While Bev ministers to leaders of both genders, the equipping and mentoring of women in leadership is a specific burden on her heart, and she regularly hosts and speaks at conferences designed for female leaders as they take their place in the 21st century Church.

Bev has been a preacher for more years than she can remember and she loves that church can be fun and interesting as well as an environment for challenge and equipping. If you would like Bev to come and speak for your church or organisation, please contact her on or on this website.


Many people are afraid of speaking in public, or see the need for the development of their confidence and competence as a speaker. Good communication is Bev’s passion and nowhere is the importance of getting the message across well more keenly felt than on a platform, addressing people who have gathered to learn, understand and change.

Bev holds online preaching classes as an aspect of mentoring women and men to develop their ability to speak well in front of others and have fun and be relaxed while they do it. Please contact her on or on this website if you are interested.