I have been so blessed through the insight, teaching and nurturing Bev has been able to give us over these past 4 years. She is a leader of leaders and has an invaluable strengths in this, i.e to understand the challenges of leading healthily, and then speak that into another’s life until they hear it and own it. This process needs to be tailor made for different lives, but we have found Bev to be so faithful in the process, listening, giving, shaping and genuinely offering gems throughout the process, rich in biblical truth.

One of things I value so much in Bev as a leader and speaker, is how she knows and loves the word of God so much, she just oozes with its life in her teaching, writing and mentoring.

Her capacity to take time with people and talk with them until they are fed and built up, is also so wonderful. When we first met Rick and Bev, we were very weary and worn out through a church leadership situation. In hindsight, I think we were so ready to give up leadership, but through their love, wisdom and experience, we heard God’s faithful voice for our future.

I highly recommend Bev to you as a leader, writer, speaker, and mentor. Her record is one that speaks of great faithfulness, wisdom and energy for all things Kingdom!

Chrissie and Gerard Kelly
Directors of The Bless Network.
Pastors of The Bless International Churches in Caen and Livarot, Normandy France.
(Part of the CGI network)