An outstanding speaker, writer and leader, the strength of Bev Murrill’s ministry lies in the fact that she is not an ivory tower theorist but a front-line practitioner. Throughout our journey into leadership, Bev’s wisdom, mentorship & insight have been invaluable. She has given us practical advice, developmental challenge and much-needed encouragement at every stage. We would not be where we are today without Bev’s example & input.

Bev has an incredible way with words. Her speaking, teaching and writing on leadership are transformational. Yet, beyond the words, we have watched Bev display the courage to put what she teaches into practice in her own life, time and time again. She consistently lives out and models the leadership principles that she is so passionate about conveying to others. It is this integrity and authenticity that set her apart and make Bev such a compelling and exciting leader to learn from.

Pete and Nicki Sims
Senior Pastors
Christian Growth Centre,
Chelmsford UK