Bev Preaching 5With a reputation as an inspiring preacher who challenges churches, conferences and leaders to push beyond their comfort zones, Bev’s prophetic teaching ministry incites the Church to rise and become shapers of society rather than being echoes of it. She says:

I’m convinced that Christians are seeded into every culture and work environment to be agents of change, carrying the Kingdom of Heaven right into the very centre of our spheres of influence. 

Bev is an insightful communicator whose call is to work with leaders and emerging leaders, internationally. Her own leadership gifting, combined with her experience as a church leader and a mentor to many leaders, streams effectively into her mandate to see people raised up, equipped and released to lead in multiple settings.

While she ministers to leaders of both genders, the equipping and mentoring of women in leadership is a specific focus of her heart, and over the years she has regularly hosted and preached at conferences designed specifically for female leaders as they take their place in the 21st Century Church.

I believe that Church can be not just a place of challenge but it’s also fun and interesting, the perfect environment for challenge and equipping. If you’d like me to come and speak for your church, event, or organisation, I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me on or on this website.