Oct 31st, 2016 Bev's Blog 6 min read

You’d have to have been somewhere off grid and out of cell phone signal and Wi-Fi range for the last year not to have noticed that there’s an election about to take place in the good ole US of A. Observing the procedure from the comparative safety of my home in Australia, I’ve been absolutely stunned at times by who is voting for whom. It…


Sep 4th, 2016 Bev's Blog 3 min read

My guest blogger is Michele Morin, a woman who seems to spend her spare time praying for total strangers, of whom I was one. I value this woman highly. She is a gift to me. “You don’t need to fast,” she said. “Your prayers are enough.” But I did need to fast, because her situation sounded really bleak, and God was talking to my heart…



Aug 2nd, 2016 Bev's Blog 8 min read

The world is at war… and the war is with fear. I don’t have to cite Isis, slave trafficking or governments in turmoil to illustrate that fact. We need look no further than the British, Australian, Ugandan and American elections of 2016 to see the effects of full-blown fear on diverse populations. Fear isn’t unusual. We are all familiar with the ice that chills our…


Leader: Take your people with you

Jul 19th, 2016 Bev's Blog 8 min read

What are your thoughts on the subject of leadership? Are leaders in charge? Are they the people who make the decisions and then tell everyone else what to do? Is a leader the person on the platform, in the big corner office, being chauffeured in the motorcade, giving the TV interviews, calling the shots? Maybe. There are aspects of leadership that have some of those…


Mar 25th, 2016 Bev's Blog 1 min read

Many years ago I heard Tony Campolo share the audio of his own pastor, S.M. Lockridge’s message. You can find it here It is one of the most inspiring messages I have ever heard, and all the more so when life is hard and there doesn’t seem to be any breakthrough. When it feels as though evil is winning. The story of Jesus is our…



Jan 27th, 2016 Bev's Blog 5 min read

Just recently I have had some dealings with a lady who is struggling with a number of issues (and who of us isn’t?). We’ve talked a few times now and one thing that has consistently surfaced is that this person has a problem for every solution. Her issues are many and varied, and despite the fact that she does not suffer with depression, her demeanor…


The Life and Times of Patrice (and so many other women in the world)

Jan 20th, 2016 Bev's Blog 4 min read

Not nameless, but certainly faceless and unknown, Patrice was one of 11,000 Rwandan people on a certain day in 1994 who crammed themselves into a Roman Catholic church built to accommodate 300. They gathered for safety believing their neighbours would respect their sanctuary in this sacred place. They didn’t! Patrice’s skull now sits on a shelf in that same church alongside hundreds of others whose…


CHANGE: The New Normal

Jan 9th, 2016 Bev's Blog 8 min read

I love the scene in Lord of the Rings, where Galadriel talks of the deep and mysterious way in which the world is changing. ‘The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it.’ It’s easy to identify with this…

Christmas soldier


Dec 10th, 2015 Bev's Blog 6 min read

This is the season when much of the world focuses on the manger (although not necessarily the inhabitant of that curious cradle), and the stable, and the gifts, and the motley company of exotically dressed wise men and rough-hewn shepherds. Marketplaces and stores are full of Christmas commodities and the churches are planning their special events, to which they hope the unchurched will come flocking…

Yes and No

How the words YES and NO can direct your entire life

Dec 4th, 2015 Bev's Blog 7 min read

For many of my years in over 3 decades of ministry, I have been plagued with a problem you can probably identify with. It’s a problem that causes exhaustion, confusion, frustration, anger, depression, disappointment, loss of sleep, and sleeping too much. It damages relationships, steals destinies, and the failure to deal with it is the cause of many a leader or gifted minister burning out…