I believe I can fly


Sep 14th, 2015 Bev's Blog 6 min read

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Guest post from blogger and all round great thought leader, Jory Micah, in response to my original blog Lids Are For Lifting About a year ago God spoke to my heart and told me to leave my Children’s Pastor position in Virginia Beach and start my own women’s ministry. I…

Girl getting out of rubbish bin


Sep 6th, 2015 Bev's Blog 5 min read

Heike Prentice responds to the blog ‘LIDS ARE FOR LIFTING’… The initial blog on this page, Lids Are For Lifting, takes us beyond the battle lines and into the land of opportunity. From here women have to work out how we adjust from fighting for land, to cultivating and building on the land we’ve won. In other words, who will I be when the lid…

Being A Good Girl Hamstrung My Calling

Aug 30th, 2015 Bev's Blog 4 min read

Guest post from writer Heather Caliri. The email slipped into my inbox with no fanfare last March. A name I didn’t recognize, a cryptic subject. Curious, I opened it, but it took me a minute to figure out what the woman who sent it was asking. Basically: I like your work. Have you ever thought of publishing a book? If so, will you send me…

board meeting


Aug 23rd, 2015 Bev's Blog 3 min read

If you have never been to a board meeting you may understand why I need Shakespeare to help me consider my decision. If you have been a board member, by now you found you didn’t need to rely on the Bard after all. Let me explain. I job share, working as a senior leader of a Baptist church. And as anyone who knows anything would…

girl and lid


Aug 15th, 2015 Bev's Blog 6 min read

STEP UP TO THAT PLATFORM. APPLY FOR THAT ROLE ON THE BOARD. GO FOR THE JOB YOU HAVE A PASSION FOR. There’s been an interesting side effect to society’s changing perspective regarding women and leadership; many women are finding the need to reevaluate their perspectives on their own leadership call. Some are being forced to ask themselves the question: Who am I when the Lid…

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OTHERING or BROTHERING? – living in peace on this small blue planet

Oct 22nd, 2014 Bev's Blog 6 min read

The youngest girl child in a family where Dad reigned supreme, I was left in no uncertain terms that one gender ruled the other, and the gender I belonged to didn’t rule anything. Consequently, as I absorbed my otherness, I was also imbibing the fallacy that males were privileged, powerful and superior. I didn’t like it, I railed against it as I got older, but…


Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Sep 27th, 2014 Bev's Blog 6 min read

“LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!”  – Thomas Paine, Father of the Revolution I’ve loved this quote for years. It sums up the essence of life for me. We can be detached observers, or we can get involved and use our lives to make a difference, to riot against injustice and poverty and indifference and be agents of change. Vive la Revolution! I…

The Secret of Mentoring: Give What You Have

The Secret of Mentoring: Give What You Have

Aug 19th, 2014 Bev's Blog 8 min read

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that ministry isn’t lonely. All of us who have any word that means “leader” in our role description know that when it comes to the crunch, good advisors are scarce. My early years of ministry were among the loneliest of my life. Rick and I had been unceremoniously flung into pastoring a church with no previous experience or training, and…

NOT playing the Blame Game


Aug 11th, 2014 Bev's Blog 7 min read

For several years I have been extremely fortunate to be a member of a team of senior leaders who are not interested in playing the ‘Blame Game’. My colleagues have been men and women of great creativity, integrity, humour, compassion and faith who are committed to living their lives in humility and transparency. In the years since this team has developed, I have experienced none…


Tackling Talkaholics

Jul 27th, 2014 Bev's Blog 7 min read

I am always interested in the way people communicate. Take conversations, for example. For most people, a conversation is a fantastic opportunity to gain insights, get to know someone better, learn more, and generally exchange information. For a small percentage of the population though, a conversation is just a monologue, thinly disguised.    Being a talkaholic is a real problem for human relationships, and even…