Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!“LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!”  - Thomas Paine, Father of the Revolution I’ve loved this quote for years. It sums up the essence of life for me. We can be detached observers,…


An insightful and dynamic speaker, Bev Murrill has ministered internationally in leadership conferences and churches for over 2 decades. Her apostolic ministry, combined with her zest for life and her gift of encouragement, has been widely received in UK, USA, Africa, Europe, Australia, Central Asia and Indonesia. Her desire to empower Christians to live life to the full, using all their gifts, skills and passions, has impacted many people across the world.

A visionary leader, Bev's entrepreneurial character has birthed many innovative and powerful projects. She believes Christians are called to shape the societies they live in, rather than the reverse. She preaches with passion and strength, inciting people to riot against the circumstances that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

Recognising that good leadership is crucial for the health and development of any organisation, Bev Murrill has spent more than 25 years identifying, equipping and mentoring leaders of both genders in church and business circles. Her years of experience as a church leader, coupled with her Masters Degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, enable her to not only understand the challenges that leaders face, but to help them meet those challenges with wisdom, courage and integrity.

A woman of faith, Bev believes that the world will be changed by people who believe it can be.


Masters Degree in Global Leadership – Fuller Theological Seminary
Over three decades experience as a church pastor and leader of Christian Growth International, a church planting network.
 Mentor to leaders and emerging leaders in churches, organisations and businesses.

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