Jan 27th, 2016 Bev's Blog 5 min read

Just recently I have had some dealings with a lady who is struggling with a number of issues (and who of us isn’t?). We’ve talked a few times now and one thing that has consistently surfaced is that this person has a problem for every solution. Her issues are many and varied, and despite the fact that she does not suffer with depression, her demeanor…


The Life and Times of Patrice (and so many other women in the world)

Jan 20th, 2016 Bev's Blog 4 min read

Not nameless, but certainly faceless and unknown, Patrice was one of 11,000 Rwandan people on a certain day in 1994 who crammed themselves into a Roman Catholic church built to accommodate 300. They gathered for safety believing their neighbours would respect their sanctuary in this sacred place. They didn’t! Patrice’s skull now sits on a shelf in that same church alongside hundreds of others whose…


CHANGE: The New Normal

Jan 9th, 2016 Bev's Blog 8 min read

I love the scene in Lord of the Rings, where Galadriel talks of the deep and mysterious way in which the world is changing. ‘The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it.’ It’s easy to identify with this…

Christmas soldier


Dec 10th, 2015 Bev's Blog 6 min read

This is the season when much of the world focuses on the manger (although not necessarily the inhabitant of that curious cradle), and the stable, and the gifts, and the motley company of exotically dressed wise men and rough-hewn shepherds. Marketplaces and stores are full of Christmas commodities and the churches are planning their special events, to which they hope the unchurched will come flocking…

Yes and No

How the words YES and NO can direct your entire life

Dec 4th, 2015 Bev's Blog 7 min read

For many of my years in over 3 decades of ministry, I have been plagued with a problem you can probably identify with. It’s a problem that causes exhaustion, confusion, frustration, anger, depression, disappointment, loss of sleep, and sleeping too much. It damages relationships, steals destinies, and the failure to deal with it is the cause of many a leader or gifted minister burning out…



Nov 29th, 2015 Bev's Blog 9 min read

A big welcome to my love and VERY productive friend, Grace Marshall, my guest blogger for this week. This post is an excerpt from her new book: How to be Really Productive: achieving clarity and getting results in a world where work never ends, which I will be reviewing very soon. I have a local taxi company who are very reliable. Their prices are consistent,…

Angry woman


Nov 25th, 2015 Bev's Blog 2 min read

I am stoked with this post on The Junia Project Read it here  Christine has nailed it as she speaks directly to many of the issues women leaders are facing as they stand up to be counted. I love the part where she says that your brothers would be called ‘revolutionaries’ for the doing the same things as you would be called ‘incorrigible and defiant’…

Fear - light your own candle


Nov 18th, 2015 Bev's Blog 9 min read

    Like you, I watched the scenes of terror unfold in Paris recently. Like you, I wept and wondered what horrific internal fractures drive people to treat the lives of others, and their own lives also, so callously. Like you, I’ve been angry at the destruction of the world we live in and my mind has spun in circles at the whirlwind of accusations….

leader of the pack


Nov 9th, 2015 Bev's Blog 3 min read

One of the integral characteristics of good leadership is the ability to leave others better than you found them. Life is tough. For everyone. We all know that up close and personal. Troubles come to everyone, although it’s true that some troubles aren’t really all that troubling. There are times when I’ve had someone tell me about why they are not coping and I’ve laughed…

2015 Melbourne Cup


Nov 4th, 2015 Bev's Blog 5 min read

Michelle Payne in suffragette colours of green, white and purple. My international readers may not be aware of Australia’s greatest horse race, November’s Melbourne Cup. It’s just one race, but it seems that the whole of Australia stops to watch it. People who never bet any other time of the year will take a bet on this race and places of work all across the…